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Become a Rescue K-911 Foster

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If You Become a Foster
  • You open your heart and home to a Rescue - K911 animal
  • We supply food and other items needed
  • We pay for all vet care
  • You help us learn the animals behavior and personality
  • Together we find the perfect forever home
Rescue K-911’s success is contingent on the number of foster homes we have available.
The solution is simple – the more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can save!
Are you willing to help?
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Fostering Fun:

Fostering Testimonials:

"I got into rescue kind of by accident 3.5 years ago. It fulfilled a need for me to help. I enjoy helping any rescue I can but I really like the close knit group at Rescue K-911! They all love and care for every animal that comes to their doors! The responses and attention are more efficient than with some of the bigger rescues. The best part for me is finding that animals fur-ever home! Fosters are just a stepping stone for most of these animals until they find where they truly belong. The people behind Rescue K-911 put everything they have into finding those homes!"


Shawnee, KS

"As a foster, adopter, volunteer and donor to this Rescue, I know I can seem biased. However I have worked with, adopted from and seen products from many other rescues. Lindsey and her team make sure that the right pet goes to the right home and if not is always willing to help find a solution. She would take in every homeless dog and cat if she could, however is responsible in taking only what her fosters and herself can properly care for and manage. Unlike some groups who take on too much and become lax in care and organization. She works to match needs, wants and lifestyle of a family to a pet so they are all set for success! I have taken in a few dogs who were too under socialized or didn't have a good foundation, my dogs, husband and I try to rebuild that and give them a better chance. Lindsey trusts me to say No, not ready for adoption yet, and doesn't push for placement to save another dog. Rescue K-911 is an organization you can trust."


Olathe, KS

"I have fostered for Rescue K-911 for a little over a year now and cannot imagine volunteering for any other rescue. The founder, Lindsey, is beyond patient and really cares about each and every fur-baby that comes through Rescue K-911. I would adopt from or volunteer for them any day!"


Olathe, KS

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