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If you no longer see the animal you are interested in, please know that he/she might have an adoption pending.
Our Adoption Process:
1. Fill out an application for the animal you are interested in, make sure to list their name on the application. 
2. Once approved, the Foster will contact you to answer any questions and schedule a meet and greet. 
3. We encourage bringing all members of the family the animal will be living with, even other pets. We want to find the right match for everyone.
4. Transitioning a new pet may take some time, we encourage a trial period of one week for adult animals.
The adoption process can take several hours to several days, as we are entirely volunteer-based. If there are multiple animals you are interested in please let us know. 
There are times we get multiple applicants for an animal. In those instances, we contact people in the order applications are received. We will do our best to notify you if this occurs.

We thank you for your patience.  
Check out who is currently available
Payment Methods:
Venmo: @RescueK-CatDog
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