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Rescue K-911_ Socialization_Checklist

Pet Introductions

Introducing your pet to another animal the right way is important, especially for older dogs/cats. Here are some tips for introducing your pet to other animals and children. Remember, we are always here to help with introductions or give ideas.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs can experience separation anxiety for many different reasons. Here are some ideas on how to help.

Refusing Food

Most of the time, our dogs are like vacuum cleaners, but what happens when they won't eat? What does that mean? 

Dog Proofing

Dogs (not just puppies) chew. Period. We can provide all the toys in the world and they will still find something that's not "theirs".. Here are some tips to keep them from destroying your stuff.

Woof Woof Grrrrr Whine

Dogs can't speak English, so we have to find other ways to communicate with them. Here are a few of the basics.  Finding a training class is also a great idea! 

Potty Training

Potty Training is something that most dog owners struggle with. Here are some methods to help potty train your new puppy or older dog who needs to learn. 

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